Chair: Zach Musser


The Campus Safety and Improvements is dedicated to creating a safe environment for students on campus. We also act as a liaison between students and Mercer Dining as well as between students and Mercer Police. As a committee, we try to improve the campus and our world by creating green initiatives, and promoting green solutions on campus. Please feel free to reach out with any suggestions or concerns.


Chair: Mary-Angel Ekezie


The Heritage Life Committee upholds Mercer’s long-standing traditions and honors its rich heritage by planning, coordinating, and advertising events year round that are uniquely special to Mercer University. These events include Pilgrimage to Penfield, Christmas Tree Lighting, Founder’s Day, and We Are Mercer. Each event is designed to foster an appreciation for Mercer’s past, the continuation of its original mission and purpose, and inspiration for all future Mercerians to come.


Chair: Harrison Ivins

Email: or

The Organizational Affairs Committee supports Student Organizations on campus by approving funding requests, performing yearly audits, processing the constitutions of new student organizations, supplying necessary resources, and representing student organizations in Senate proceedings. 

Any organization seeking funding from the Student Government Association can request Bear Grants:

Special Funding: 

Conference & Lodging:

 For any students interested in starting a new student organization, this process will begin with Margaret Rooyakkers in Campus Life.

Her email address is


Chair: Caleb Mills


Public Relations and Elections is charged with scheduling and officiating all campus elections. Moreover, it is tasked with maintaining the image of SGA on campus and to the student body. This committee also handles all marketing efforts regarding SGA. The goal of the Public Relations and Elections Committee is to ensure that all students can easily access information about student government, interact with their fellow senators, and  bring any questions or concerns they may have to upper administration.

Additionally, the Public Relations and Elections Committee focuses on external affairs and continues to facilitate Mercer's image in the Macon community. It is vital that Mercer and SGA remain active and engaged in the local community. This usually looks like volunteering, but we have recently started a new initiative to support local black owned businesses. All in all, Public Relations and Elections has a plethora of responsibilities that are essential to the connection of the student body, administration, and Macon community. 

Flyers, window painting, and chalking can be requested at


Chair: Sheridan King


The Student Affairs Committee seeks to help Mercerians with all of their academic and social needs. We serve as a tool for students to utilize in the event that they have any questions or concerns. 

Merclusion is the newest subcommittee of Student Affairs, and we are excited to be here. We are dedicated to seeing a more diverse and inclusive campus on Mercer along with having an orientation towards equity, social justice, and community building.