Chair: Alexandra Kirschbaum

The Academic Affairs Committee represents students regarding all University academic policies. By serving as a liaison between undergraduate students and the offices of university deans and the Provost, the Academic Affairs Committee seeks to represent students’ needs in the classroom. The President’s Council is a forum for students to voice their concerns directly to the Academic Affairs Committee. Students who are apart of the President’s Council are appointed by the deans of their academic schools and colleges. This committee also holds the power to investigate all substantive student complaints against faculty members. 


Chair: Shruthi Vikraman

The Campus Outreach committee exists to integrate the unique spirit of every student with the great legacy of Mercer University, to create an open culture of trust and community that unites all of the best things our campus has to offer. Our goal is to build meaningful relationships between students and their organizations on a personal level, making sure everyone has the chance to express themselves and become a bigger part of the Mercer tradition. By coordinating the interests of every student group, Campus Outreach creates a more enjoyable and meaningful experience for everyone who calls themselves a Mercer Bear.


Chair: Grant Denton

The Campus Safety and Improvements (CSI) Committee investigates matters regarding student safety, campus security, and improvements. By organizing the semi-annual Campus Safety Walk in conjunction with Chief Collins of Mercer Police and Russell Vullo of Physical Plant, this committee regularly addresses students’ needs around campus. Student’s interested in reporting concerns or ideas should check out our “Ideas to Action.” 


Chair: Chase Peplin

The Contract Services Committee represents student interests in relation to all services for which the University contracts an outside vendor. These services include but are not limited to food and cafeteria services, cable services, vending services, bookstore services, and postal services. Student concerns in these issues will be undertaken by the Contract Services Committee. The Contract Services Committee is a liaison for the long-term interests of Mercer University students.


Chair: Dani Acosta

Formally Macon Connections, External Affairs seeks to represent Mercer students to the surrounding Macon community by speaking on behalf of Mercer students. This committee remains in contact Macon organizations such as the College Hill Alliance and NewTown Macon along with placing students on five Board of Directors: Macon Arts Alliance, Historic Macon, Leadership Macon, New Town Macon, College Hill Alliance. External Affairs encourages students to become involved in the Macon community and maintain a positive relationship between Macon and Mercer.


Chair: Adam Penland

The Fiscal Affairs Committee exists to represent student interests in the University’s fiscal policies that directly impact students. In this capacity, the committee serves as a liaison between the student body and the office of the Vice-President for Finance, the Bursar's Office, and the Financial Aid Office.Comprised by two Senators and three Student Correspondents of the Student Government Association, the Fiscal Affairs Committee’s priority is to make sure that Student Organizations receive the funding necessary for them to host campus events, philanthropies, collaborations, attend conferences, and complete service to other students. The Fiscal Affairs Committee allocates Board of Appropriations funding directly to student organizations through Bear Grants, Conference & Lodging Funds, and Special Funding. The Fiscal Affairs Committee handles requests and rewards funding through the policies outlined in the SGA Bylaws and with the approval of the Senate body.


Chair: Ashila Jiwani

The Heritage Life Committee upholds Mercer long-standing traditions and honors its rich heritage by planning, coordinating, and advertising events year round that are uniquely special to Mercer University. These events include Pilgrimage to Penfield, Christmas Tree Lighting, Founder’s Day, and Last Chance Lecture. Each event is designed to foster an appreciation for Mercer’s past and the continuation of its original mission and purpose.


Chair: Faiz Aly

Public Relations and Elections committee is responsible for transferring information from The Student Government Association to the student body and presiding over the elections process. Press Releases along with highlights of meetings and senate will be released through this committee to inform the student body of SGA events and programing as well as other actions taking place at Mercer.


Chair: Michael Smith

The Student Life and Organizational Affairs (SLOA) Committee represents student interests regarding student life on campus. The SLOA committee serves as a liaison of interactions between student organizations and the administration and staff as a whole. This committee is responsible for working with students who are forming new student organizations and presenting them to the Senate for recognition. SLOA is also responsible for hosting the President’s Round Table, an event to honor current organizational Presidents as well as encourage collaboration between all student organizations.