Junior Candidate Profiles

Alex Davis

  • Hometown - Flowery Branch, GA
  • Major/Intended Major - Communications and Spanish with a minor in Sociology
  • What organizations are you a member of? Alpha Delta Pi / Bear Force / Panhellenic Executive Board
  • What qualifies you to represent the student body on SGA? I believe that my past and present experiences as a leader qualify me for the position of Junior Senator on Mercer’s Student Government Association. I was president of a Spanish Honors Society, a leader in church groups, and I serve on the Panhellenic Executive Board for Mercer. I am actively involved with many other students through Greek life and Bear Force. I have a passion for people and ensuring equal opportunity. I know that, through SGA, I can put these passions into practice by being a listening ear and a voice for the student body.
  • What is your platform/what do you hope to accomplish on SGA? Through this position, I hope to be a voice for my fellow students in order to give them the best possible experience at Mercer. I know that by listening intently to all concerns, no matter how small, we can make Mercer even better. I will dedicate myself to serving the student body with integrity, open-mindedness, and positivity. Some of the issues I am passionate about include: Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention: - Maintain the mandatory awareness programs while adding more interactive elements and increasing funding for these events. - Ensure that resources and groups for survivors are advertised and well-known. - Increase involvement in national campaigns and encourage students to get involved as well. Dining Options: - Increase dining options on the weekends/late at night. - Work towards a 24-hour dining option. - Increase dining options for vegetarians/vegans. Campus Safety: - Increase the number of emergency phones on campus in strategic areas. - Improve lighting in areas that are not well-lit to ensure safety while walking across campus. - Improve the relationship between Mercer Police and the student body by having Mercer Police speak to campus organizations. - Increase awareness of the services offered by Mercer Police.


Alexandra Kirschbaum

  • Hometown - Macon, GA
  • Major/Intended Major - Political Science
  • What organizations are you a member of? SGA, Mercer's Honor Council, NSLS, Phi Eta Sigma
  • What qualifies you to represent the student body on SGA? I have served as Class President for the past 2 years. I have also served on Student Life and Organizational Affairs & Campus Safety committees. During my time on SGA, I have added a new recycling bin in the CSC breezeway and installed water bottle refilling stations in academic buildings around campus. I have also transferred the maintenance request submission process to the Mercer Mobile App. I've also enjoyed maintaining communication with classmates via e-mail and the Google Doc, where students have had the ability to submit ideas and concerns at their convenience.
  • What is your platform/what do you hope to accomplish on SGA? Campus Safety and Sustainability are two areas in particular that I would like to focus on in the upcoming year. I plan on hosting a Campus Safety Week to raise awareness about safety resources on campus and to establish better relations with Mercer Police. I also want to re-evaluate Safety education at Mercer (ex.: UNV 101) to ensure that these programs are as effective and informative as possible. I also plan on meeting with Merpo regularly to share your concerns as well as to gather answers to your questions. Additionally, I plan on increasing the amount of water bottle refilling stations around campus, and I plan on finding unique ways to encourage improved, communal efforts for recycling. I will continue working with Residence Life and IT regarding the maintenance submission process on the Mercer Mobile App to make this process quick, easy, and effective. I will help build upon Title IX Week as well as Title IX awareness throughout the entire school year. I will continue strong communication through e-mail and an updated version of the Google Doc.


Azzam Gadi

  • Hometown - Macon, GA
  • Major/Intended Major - International Business & Political Science
  • What organizations are you a member of? Saudi Arabian Student Association
  • What qualifies you to represent the student body on SGA? I've been a Mercer Bear since 2014, I'm trustworthy and hardworking .I like to get involved more with other fellow junior students.
  • What is your platform/what do you hope to accomplish on SGA? I want to accomplish a better communication system in which all students can be more represented specially the international students.


Jabril Edmondson

  • Hometown - Powder Springs, GA
  • Major/Intended Major - Business Management
  • What organizations are you a member of? One-in-Four, Student Admissions Team, Residence Life
  • What qualifies you to represent the student body on SGA? I think what qualifies me to represent, is my natural longing to help whenever I see fit. It's necessary that if you recognize an issue you should at least try and be apart of the solution. I have a passion for people and love to listen.
  • What is your platform/what do you hope to accomplish on SGA? It is my desire to increase the level of inclusiveness and diversity across campus. I hope to not just increase diversity within the Student Government Association, but to establish a diversity council and give a voice to those who are not being heard. In this diversity council, I would like to include members from all cultures across campus in order to increase awareness and to collectively host events that would serve to provide more information. I would also love to see an increased awareness of the importance of recycling on campus. I want to see Mercer's campus as diverse and beautiful as I know it can be. As your senator, I will do everything in my power to assure that my ideas turn into accomplishments.


Keegan Moody

  • Hometown - Douglasville, GA
  • Major/Intended Major - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • What organizations are you a member of? American Chemical Society, Order of Omega Greek Honor Society, Lambda Chi Alpha
  • What qualifies you to represent the student body on SGA? As a student at Mercer, I have gotten to know many students over the past two years, especially the diverse group of students within the class of 2019 that have made my college experience amazing. As a Biochemistry major, I bring a rather unique view to the Student Government Association because politics nor law is my desired profession. I decided to run for SGA junior senator because I want what is best for all students. If elected, I would strive to represent all views of the junior class and take all student opinions into account. I am a year round resident in Macon and would constantly be searching for improvements both on Mercer’s campus and in the Macon community. As a hard-working student who has dramatically improved in multiple aspects over the past two years, I feel that I have the drive and work ethic to help change Mercer for the better.
  • What is your platform/what do you hope to accomplish on SGA? Overall, Mercer is a fantastic institution with many great programs and facilities. However, it is known that constant improvement is the key to success. So why should we be complacent with our university? First of all, I plan on pushing for more accessible food options on campus, because not all students have transportation or the finances for both a meal plan and off campus dining. Dining is not the only part of the Mercer experience that has room for improvement; with a growing number of students every year, the amount of study rooms and educational amenities need to increase in order to accommodate the growing student population. Additionally, since the Mercer population is growing, we all know that the registration process for all students is becoming more and more difficult. As a student that is very passionate about academics, I will make it a priority that Mercer is aware of the issues of limited class availability and staff. In all, there are many improvements that can be made at Mercer, and I promise to bring to light any problems that the class of 2019 feels is important.


Mallory Sammons

  • Hometown - Albany, Georgia
  • Major/Intended Major - International Affairs, Spanish
  • What qualifies you to represent the student body on SGA? I have served on SGA for a year now, and I have truly invested my heart, time, and energy into translating complaints and concerns into positive, tangible change. My experience organizing and coordinating events with the Student Life and Organizational Affairs Committee as well as initiating focus groups and lunchtime outreaches in collaboration with Mercer's Strategic Plan Committee have given me excellent opportunities to engage the student body and hear ideas and concerns. I have also had the privilege of close correspondence with Strategic Plan faculty, professors, and administration to deliver concerns and ideas directly to those who are able to implement change.
  • What is your platform/what do you hope to accomplish on SGA? During my time on SGA next year, I hope to remain approachable and to continue to engage students on a meaningful level. I have made it my mission to and will continue to advocate for you to the best of my ability. Specifically, I hope to address concerns with Academic Affairs while continuing to invest in long-term changes with Strategic Plan. I hope you consider casting your vote for me!