Senior Candidate Profiles

Alize Mitchell

  • Hometown - Fayetteville, NC
  • Major/Intended Major - Criminal Justice, Sociology, and PPE ( Philosophy, Politics, and Economics)
  • What organizations are you a member of?I am the current President of the Iota Sigma Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., the 2nd Vice President of NCNW, a Minority Mentor, Investigating justice on Honor Council, and a member of the Pre- law honor society.
  • What qualifies you to represent the student body on SGA? I am qualified to represent the student body on SGA because being involved in a variety of organizations on campus has allowed me to understand the needs of student organizations, and changes that could be made in order to create a positive relationship between students and administration, as well as identify changes that could make the student experience better as a whole. Serving in multiple organizations at different capacities has allowed me to develop leadership, organizational, and communication skills necessary to serve on SGA. It has also allowed me to be resourceful and develop interpersonal relationships.
  • What is your platform/what do you hope to accomplish on SGA? My platform is D.I.V.A.S do it Best! D.I.V.A.S stands for Dedicated individuals value acceptance and sustainability. If given the privilege to serve on SGA I will be dedicated to passing legislation that fosters a greater sense of pride in students to call Mercer their Univeristy. Mercer has become a home away from home for me over the last 3 years. My goal is to create this feeling for every student whom enrolls on campus by increasing ACCEPTANCE and INCLUSIVITY. As well as giving students the tools necessary to start and finish their college education STRONG. We are all a piece of the greater puzzle which is Mercer University. Therefore, we each are a part of something greater than ourselves, while preserving the unique capability to leave our mark. My goal is to help students identify what their mark is, and how they can use it after college. We can each use our mark while in college to help our fellow bears. When we are unified there is nothing that is too big for us to undertake.


Anthony McMillan

  • Hometown - Fayetteville, GA
  • Major/Intended Major - Sports Business
  • What organizations are you a member of? Delta Sigma Pi, AGAPE
  • What qualifies you to represent the student body on SGA? Coming from a mixed ethnic and cultural background, I have witnessed and experienced many of the same issues that our diverse student body at Mercer University experiences everyday. Such problems trouble me and command me to act. I am ready to listen to the students, and together we will mold a SGA that works for all students.
  • What is your platform/what do you hope to accomplish on SGA? Too many times, only part of the student body is thoroughly represented. We must begin to change this today. We all know that change does not happen overnight; however, with the right people involved, change is bound to take place. I will actively plan and organize diversity and ethnic events. The only way to understand someone from another culture, religion, ethnicity, etc. is to talk to them. Once we start the communication process, our campus will exponentially feel and be more inviting and loving for all.


Cameron Dunnings

  • Hometown - Atlanta, GA
  • Major/Intended Major - Economics and Political Science
  • What organizations are you a member of? Delta Sigma Pi
  • What qualifies you to represent the student body on SGA? I do not have a lot of experience, but I want to see Mercer grow and become the best school it can be. I am qualified because I want to stand up and help campus life improve for our entire community.
  • What is your platform/what do you hope to accomplish on SGA? I want to hear what issues students have and help create solutions to these problems. I want students to feel as though they have an impact on Mercer's growth as a university. I do not want to be the best man for the job, but the best man for our community.


David Wells

  • Major/Intended Major - Biology
  • What organizations are you a member of? Cure Mercer, Alpha Phi Omega, Army ROTC
  • What qualifies you to represent the student body on SGA? I have had experience in numerous leadership positions in students organizations that I work with. I'm in tune with the general student body with the issues and concerns that need to be addressed, and I'm not only willing to talk about them, but I'm determined to have something done about those issues.
  • What is your platform/what do you hope to accomplish on SGA? 
    • Academics: I hope to begin a dialogue with university's faculty and staff concerning the issues regarding course registration. This has been a growing issue in recent years as the school continues to grow and the number of professors remain the same.
    • Communication: I want to ensure that the student body is able to acess the resources avaiable to them through SGA. We as senators are elected to serve the student body, but what good does it do if students are not sure of how to get in contact with SGA and how they can get involved? That is why I will work toward a more accesible SGA.
    • Safety: I will work to ensure that students are educated on how to remain safe and the resources that are available to them on campus. I will work with MerPo to make sure that we are doing everything possible for the safety of the students.


Faiz Aly

  • Hometown - Peachtree City, GA
  • Major/Intended Major - Business Management & Marketing
  • What organizations are you a member of? Student Government Association, Enactus, Delta Sigma Pi, GrindMercer
  • What qualifies you to represent the student body on SGA? As Senator, you need to have strong leadership qualities. At Mercer, I have held many leadership positions & served the student body in many ways. I have also been on the Executive Board of SGA for an entire year so I have a lot of experience as a leader, communicating with the student body, and trying to make a difference.
  • What is your platform/what do you hope to accomplish on SGA? As a non-white candidate, I want to really represent the minorities at Mercer and put a lot of emphasis on diversity & inclusiveness at Mercer. I also want to increase the transparency between SGA and the student body. Another goal is to make sure the voices of the students are heard and positive changes are made.


Shamaza Rivers

  • Hometown - Ellenwood
  • Major/Intended Major - Chemical Commerce Accounting Emphasis
  • What organizations are you a member of? Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., American Medical Women Association, National Council of Negro Women, & SNA-MAPS
  • What qualifies you to represent the student body on SGA? I am a rising senior on a mission to make sure when I leave Mercer University its social and campus involvement and students financial stability has improved from when I entered as a freshman. I am a Chemical Commerce Major with an emphasis on Accounting, and a cumulative GPA of 3.457. I have served as several event chairs for my sorority and organizations. I am currently the Internal Audit Chair, House Properties Chair for the Iota Sigma Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and the Second Vice President for National Council of Negro Women. In everything I do I give 100%. Also, I work two jobs so I have slightly mastered the arts of time management, organization, and acquired great customer service skills. I am qualified for Senior Senator because I am passionate for my fellow Mercerians and considerate of the experience here. Their voices will be heard and I will listen.
  • What is your platform/what do you hope to accomplish on SGA? Mercer University has been said to be the "Ivy League School of the South". That being said, student academics is very important to me. A student's performances in their classes can effect and be effected by many aspects of their life which can relate to their social and campus involvement and their ability to stay at our prestigious school. I will like to reduce the withdrawal/drop class rate, to see to more study rooms are available, to propose to professors to possibly offer an incentive for students attending SI and tutoring, and to see to the university offering monthly scholarship contests. I believe all of these will help many students, including myself. We are all here to acquire the best education we can obtain.