Funding Requests

SGA works hard to approve funding requests from student organizations so that you can attend conferences & create events to benefit the Mercer community. 

We typically approve funding requests from student organizations through:

Bear Grants

The purpose of Bear Grants Funding is to contribute to the basic financial sustainability of student organizations so that organizations may be able to participate in events and perform activities which are vital to their function.

Please contact the Chair of the Fiscal Chairs Committee, Adam Penland, for a Bear Grant Funding Form.

Conference and Lodging

Conference & Lodging subsidizes registration and entry fees for student organizations in conferences and competitions. It contributes to alleviate the related financial burden of lodging expenses. Conference & Lodging Funding must benefit the student body in some meaningful way, such as providing training, networking opportunities, education, or promotion of the university. Student organizations should submit their application to the Fiscal Affairs committee for review before being introduced to senate.

The Conference and Lodging Form can be found at this link:

Special Funding

The purpose of Special Funding is to assist organizations in paying for expenses which may not necessarily be funded by Bear Grants. Such expenses include, but are not limited to, costly campus-wide events and unforeseen expenses. Special Funding is considered on a first-come, first-served basis, is highly competitive, and is open to all organizations at Mercer.

The Special Funding Request Form can be found at this link:

Food Funding

The Food Funding Form can be found at this link:

Fiscal Affairs Bylaws

For the official bylaws for organizational funding, download them following this link