SGA Elections

Sophomore Senator Candidates

SO Adam Penland

Adam Penland

SO Victor Gitau

Victor Gitau

SO Caleb Svensson

Caleb Svensson

SO Chase Peplin

Chase Peplin

SO Emily Harvey

Emily Harvey

SO Grant Denton

Grant Denton

SO Michaela Jones

Michaela Jones

Junior Senator Candidates

JR Alex Davis

Alex Davis

JR Alexandra Kirschbaum

Alexandra Kirschbaum

JR Azzam Gadi

Azzam Gadi

JR Daniela Acosta

Daniela Acosta

JR Jabril Edmondson

Jabril Edmondson

JR Keegan Moody

Keegan Moody

JR Kristen Duncan

Kristen Duncan

JR Mallory Sammons

Mallory Sammons

Senior Senator Candidates

SR Alize Mitchell

Alize Mitchell

SR Andrew Hudson

Andrew Hudson

SR Anthony McMillan

Anthony McMillan

SR Cameron Dunnings

Cameron Dunnings

SR David Wells

David Wells

SR Faiz Aly

Faiz Aly

SR Michael Smith

Michael Smith

SR Sam Brunk

Sam Brunk

SR Shamaza Rivers

Shamaza Rivers

Ashley Batten

Senator At Large Candidates

SAL Ashila Jiwani

Ashila Jiwani

SAL Baxter Murrell

Baxter Murrell

SAL Brycen Higdon

Brycen Higdon

SAL Callie Wilkes

Callie Wilkes

SAL Clark Myers

Clark Myers

SAL David Futral

David Futral

SAL David Stokes

David Stokes

SAL Hayes Rule

Hayes Rule

SAL Kaylen Long

Kaylen Long

SAL Lydia Elsey

Lydia Elsey

SAL Paul DiCarlo

Paul DiCarlo

SAL Shruthi Vikraman

Shruthi Vikraman

Whether you're running for office or trying to figure out where to vote, you can find that information here. 

Senator Qualifications

Check back during an election to see the qualifications of your candidates.