About SGA


The History & Purpose of SGA

The Student Government Association at Mercer University can be traced back to the 1920's. According to the SGA Constitution, "it is proper for students to establish a system of government for the regulation of their community." It is from this belief that SGA at Mercer has evolved into its present form.

The Constitutional purposes of the Student Government Association are "to express the concerns and interests of the student body; to facilitate communication between administration, faculty, and students; to facilitate communication between various student organizations of the Mercer campus; and to encourage student involvement in all facets of campus life."

Who Makes Up SGA?

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is comprised of the Student Body President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Chief of Staff, Media Secretary. The Executive Branch of this government shall have authority to execute all necessary legislation and action as defined within the limits of the Constitution, the Bylaws of the Undergraduate Student Government, the Governing Documents, and the Student Handbook.

Legislative Branch

The Senate Body serves as the “voice” of Mercer students and is comprised of 25 senators. Five senators are elected from each class. The remaining five senate seats, Senators at Large, are elected by the entire student body. Senators are responsible for allocating funds to student organizations and initiating resolutions that seek to create positive change on campus.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is comprised of the Chief Parliamentarian and two Associate Parliamentarians. Parliamentarians serve on SGA for the duration of their time at Mercer University once they are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate body. The parliamentarians serve on the Rules Committee and are responsible for educating the general Senate body of parliamentary procedure at the beginning of each new member’s term.

Student Correspondents

Student Correspondents shall be interviewed and selected by the committee chair of the respective committee to which the student applied. Student Correspondents on each committee shall have the following expressed purposes: "to aid and assist with any events, initiatives, or programs implemented by their assigned committee; to attend and give input during committee meetings; to remain in contact with their committee chairperson; to fulfill all duties assigned to them by their committee chairperson; and to encourage student involvement in all facets of university life."

Past SGA Presidents

1925-26 Otis Dorough

1926-27 Charles W. Walker

1927-28 Robert Lee Gunnels

1928-29 W. A. Wommack

1929-30 Clayton Callaway

1930-31 Philip F. Etheridge

1931-32 John G. Harrison, Jr.

1932-33 Searcy Garrison

1934-35 William Quarles

1934-35 Howard Giddens

1935-36 Woolvin Patten

1936-37 Maines Rawls

1938-39 Johnny Mattox

1939-40 Glenn Morris

1940-41 Horace Richter

1941-42 Orbin Howell

1942-43 James T. Barfield, Jr.

1942-43 George Culpepper

1943-44 Charles Barton Clark

1944-45 Marvin Greene

1945-46 Forest Lanier

1946-47 Philip S. Cox

1947-48 C. Cloud Morgan

1948-49 Ray Brewster

1949-50 Charles Hopkins

1950-51 Ira Snyder

1951-52 Jerry Conner

1952-53 Emory Wilson

1953-54 Wallace Harrell

1954-55 Joe Hendricks

1955-56 Sid Johnson

1956-57 Walter L. Moore, Jr.

1957-58 Ed Robuck

1958-59 Barry Moore

1959-60 Beverly Bates

1960-61 Olin Thompson

1961-62 Tommy Storey

1962-63 Hugh Lawson, Jr.

1963-64 Nathan Deal

1964-65 Tommy Day Wilcox

1965-66 Brady Creel

1965-66 Robert F. Hershner

1966-67 David Laney

1967-68 David Hudson

1968-69 Ed Bacon

1969-70 Bob Potter

1970-71 Ernie Robinson

1971-72 Julian Gordy

1972-73 Bruce Gandy

1973-74 Kenneth Bryant

1974-75 Joe Davis

1975-76 David Hoak

1976-77 Bill Marett

1977-78 Jean Kenlan

1978-79 James Tracy Ward

1979-80 Marben Bland

1980-81 Ken Pittman

1981-82 Lynn Walker

1982-83 Lee Bates

1983-84 Trey Newton

1984-85 John Peyton

1985-65 John Peyton

1986-87 Dan Etheridge

1986-87 Ron Meadows

1987-88 Holly McCorkle

1987-88 David Sisk

1988-89 Shawn Lanier

1989-90 Lynn Creech

1990-91 Hugh Lawson III

1991-92 Patrick Lee

1992-93 Nicole Glisson

1993-94 Shawn Scott

1994-95 Bryan Scott

1995 – 1996 Clay Thomas

1996-97 Joey Wright

1997-98 Mandi Durrett

1998-99 Michael Craig


1999-00 Curt Harrison

2000-01 Stanley Singleton

2001-02 John S. Wright

2002-03 Lucas L. Johnson

2003-04 Alex Brown

2004-05 Josh Rogers

2005-06 Nancy David

2006-07 Steuart Botchford

2007-08 Akeem Anderson

2008-09 John Buckner

2009-10 Amy Abel

2010-11 Trenton White

2011-12 Jordan Locke

2012-13 Hollie Davis

2013-14 Raymond Partolan

2014-15 Joseph Wozniak

2015-16 Austin Harrison

2016-17 Elizabeth McKay

2017-18 Olivia Buckner

2018-19 Adam Penland

2019-20 Adam Penland

2020-21 Savannah Lackey

2021-22 Rylan Allen

2022-23 Rylan Allen